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I'll find out shortly..

David Weaver
..but you're not far off!! If the stuff is heated unevenly, it could look like a waffle when it's done. Or any misstep at all (putting in the quench and moving sideways, putting a big bevel on the end before heating).

The first one I did I beveled and it warped a lot. With the modern stuff, like XHP, you get a sense right away that to follow the temperature cycles is a lot more work (and it has to be normalized in a furnace if you're going all the way), but when you quench it, it comes out of the quench straight, and can be partly quenched with forced air and then stuck between two aluminum plates with pressure to make it even straighter.

I expect to correct something with this. It does take about twice as long to drill and file a blade out of XHP, and if making a knife, twice as much belt spend to grind the same profile.

But I know you're familiar with these things given that you have some experience with them.

Your icewater finish tip has added some hardness and headroom to my blades vs. just quenching in parks and setting aside to finish in still air. After you mentioned it, I tried it, it works, and then I tracked down trial data from larrin thomas (icewater finish vs. full cool in unheated parks is worth a full point of hardness. It also does make blades that warp warp a little more, but it's not been catastrophic on anything to this point).

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