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Not sure that varnishes and lacquers...
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David Weaver
..are much different than shellac. I think most people applying lacquers or WB/solvent finishes that cure completely are aiming for something as uniform and durable as possible because the user won't be able to fix the finish.

If I were making a guitar for someone, I'd spray it with crosslinked target 6000 series gloss or nitro lacquer and pore fill with something bulky that won't shrink that much so that the lacquer just looked like a glass tomb (people equate that with quality for some reason, but the glass tomb look is an artifact of a thicker layer of lacquer because it's easier - spray it on let it shrink, wetsand and buff.

If I'm making a guitar for myself, it'll be shellac from this point on. Same for any furniture that doesn't constantly get wet. Bulky pore fillers and cured hard finishes leave kind of a bland look, especially if coloring obscures grain, but that's what most people like.

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