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David Weaver
I don't have any credibility in circles of anything, but design and proportion first, large issues second (no horrible color matches or grain the wrong way) and little nits are a distant last.

The former being missed leads to "that's ugly". The latter at worst leads to "well, that's an attractive piece of furniture - I see a couple of nicks or overcuts that could be repaired"

My parents have a house full of furniture that's not perfect (no individual pieces worth more than a couple of thousand dollars, and most more like several hundred - small end tables, etc. But most of it is nice and most of the drawer boxes are hand dovetailed. The drawers are generally in good proportion but not visually perfect. It looks far better than a modern piece with satin finish or intentional cloudiness and perfect evenly dovetailed fat sided drawers. Coloring on all but the walnut (all of the walnut is stained very dark) is little without the grain being obscured.

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