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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
Abrasive companies recommend to skip at most 1 grit size when sanding metal or wood. If you begin with 120, entirely reasonable for a hand planed surface to start, next would come 180. I would find it a slow slog to go from 120 to 220 and get a surface that satisfied me. I often go 120,180,220 for maple. I make an exception if I start with 100. I will sand next at 120, then 180.

I dismiss arguments that a sanded surface will look different from a hand planed surface, providing the comparison is made after a finish like varnish is applied, or any finish the leaves a few mills of coating. I am rarely satisfied with sanded surfaces I encounter that are done by others. A sanded surface not sanded optimally can look different. For some reason poor sanding seems to show up on oak pieces more than other woods (I did not find any fault with you oak). I can spot a ROS swirl from across a room.

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