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Jack Dover
Yeah, 320 goes on the first coat of finish, on wood I usually go up to 220. I think your advice is going to save me a step. When I sand bare wood, it's usually 120 and then 220, but I think I can go straight to 180.

Issues with sanding happen when I'm trying to shape, quite often there's dishing in a few places that shows under a finish and that's usually when I spot it. Scuff sanding by hand is rarely a problem. Well, it might be a problem when lap marks didn't tighten down or there's a rundown or something - and I try sanding it or scraping it down, chances are I'll sand through and now there's a whole different ordeal to recover that with finish that wasn't great to begin with. I should probably work more with lacquers and varnishes, because shellac and oils don't really teach you much about finishing.

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