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Jack Dover
Thanks Bill!

They're not easy indeed, and a close inspection of mine would reveal it. :)
My issue was that apparently I didn't have an appropriate saw. Since pieces are large I cut tails and pins with pieces being horizontal. For this method a pull saw works best (for a piece that can be clamped in a vise a Western dovetail saw is hard to beat on hardwoods), but they don't track straight if a blade is too thin. At first I thought it was me, but experimenting on scraps revealed that even a steel back of a dozuki can't keep a very fine blade stiff enough. So took me a few attempts to figure which pull saw is up to the job, and therefore a couple of dovetails had to be pared to a line. And this is where I usually get into troubles. This time I just let it be, there are one or two repairs visible in the photo, but other people don't seem to notice unless I point it out.

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