Hand Tools

I'm shocked...

David Weaver
I looked around a little. It appears from listings a used domestic machine with "please look at pictures carefully, condition as-is" is a little over $1k.

AT one point, I thought maybe I could get one of those ames portables and figure out how to be accurate with it, with the foolish thought they might be $200 working used.

Little did I know, they're $2500 new and superficial based on description.

So I'm back to hibernating about having my own hardness tester. It's not really even the $1k that scares me away from the foreign machines or the used machines, it's that they're that, and then if they don't work, you probably can't get on rock auto and find a part that just plugs in for cheap.

If I had a chance to guess at my samples from honing with stones, I would, but I didn't get to.
So, I'll guess anyway (maybe i already did). O1 - 61/62, 26c3, 63/64.

I'd be lucky to consistently hit those targets according to online information about forge HT, so maybe they'll come in slightly less.

Toughness - no clue. If they're above half of the max furnace frontier (manufacturer's best values), I'm fine with that.

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