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Jack Dover
Yeah, later I learned about tyloses and that red oak doesn't have them, made me think that on a thinner panel it might have soaked through.

Haven't thought that shellac would build on non-porous parts, I was trying to figure whether pores were filled or not, they still looked like black dots, so I kept at it.

It's really tempting to give it another go, but these days I feel like filled pores look better. Shellac filled pores were dark, the panel had some mineral deposits or whatever - gray and blackish lines following the grain, the overall look was as if it was dirty. Filler seem to prevent darkening so whenever I run into pores that can be easily seen - I use a filler. If I'm careful with application (rubbing harder, don't build up excess, scrape well, etc.) - I can almost get away not sanding, well, at least start with 320 grit and do it by hand.

The more we discuss the finishing the more I think I should get some mentoring on it.

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