Hand Tools

$1k to $2500+

David Weaver
for a versitron style stationary tester (the low end is imported from china, and the higher end is probably still an imported machine, but with a brand name).

I see them once in a great while on craigslist, but always broken.

The nuisance in finding a place and making a trip and wasting a few hours dealing with someone who may not be wild about making time for someone with shallow pockets isn't attractive.

In the past, a friend worked at an engineering firm that had a versitron and tech to use it on site, so I could barter.

If this yields poor toughness and no usable hardness data due to decarb, it is what it is.

If I had a decarb issue, though, I think I'd have found it on a chisel edge, but who knows. All of that stuff is one of the reasons that it's more valuable to experiment and test by use - I couldn't count the number of times someone told me I'd need to do significant grinding for decarb, but they never ask if I did heavy forging at bright orange or yellow heat (I don't).

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