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Those look great...

David Weaver
...i think the color that shellac has, and some of the warming that can occur in color later looks great.

Sometimes even further, intentional manipulation with something like buttonlac is nice (especially on dead-looking white woods like maple - sometimes that bright white is nice, but sometimes, it's not - I don't love it on guitars even though maple makes a good guitar neck).

Buttonlac makes a guitar neck look nice without making it look like fake old. It does super things for limba, too (Which can be bland and kind of gray, but looks excellent with B/L (as does khaya and honduran mahogany).

There's definitely wood that will suck in huge amounts of it. I think if pore filling is going to occur, a little has to be done first and then the lac needs to get reasonably hard so that it can't keep sucking in more (vs. doing the first group of french polish until the layer of finish lets you know it's had enough). But I haven't done it to oak, and if the pores are so large that they aren't even sealed by the initial coats, that may be dumb advice.

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