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Coupons off for testing... *PIC*

David Weaver
4 o1 and 3 26c3.

No clue when they'll get tested, but taking bets where the hardness will be. They're tempered at a few degrees shy of 400f, two tempers.

It was more difficult to heat these little guys accurately than it is chisels, so I made an extra of each to snap them and make sure I didn't overheat anything.

The second picture is a close up of the grain on the 01. If you can manage it, you want the steel to look like grainless putty at low magnification and to the naked eye. This sample is about .12 " thick for scale. The rounded part on the front gives a look. I couldn't get grain this small before subcritical cycles, but the small grain has to come with other microstructure properties for good toughness.

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