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Jack Dover
Yeah, no way the iron from the first picture can continue.

you can test an iron to see if it's got small nicks by taking a very thin shaving.

Exactly. I think this is the true reason why a plane user should fiddle with taking the finest shaving possible: if not for the finish quality then for figuring what's going on with your iron and your sharpening. Just put the iron back after sharpening, bring it close to the sole, start adding iron paying attention to where a shaving is produced, uniformity, length and whether a shaving comes whole or like a bunch of noodles. Really helped while figuring which of my stones works best for uni.

I do get a little worn out by people who suggest they never have a plane iron nicks in regular use, though. It seems to be constant.

I know a guy who can't admit premium planes aren't at least an order of magnitude better, so he pretends certain issues don't happen to his LV/LN planes - because "it's A2, it just doesn't nick"

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Stay Tuned
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