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Re: I found another older picture... *PIC*

Jack Dover
Pretty much this. I just love shellac, I really do. It's invariably a base for all my [sloppy] finishes. All my pieces are getting a wash coat of a very diluted shellac before glue up, so that any glue squeeze out doesn't stick to wood and to save tons of time on tight areas cleanup. Once assembled I usually do one or two coats of shellac before applying other finishes. This is just to ease stripping in case of a screw up, once I was able to remove a coat of WB poly with just an alcohol.

It does change color, even bleached shellac, but I like it. Here's a picture of a cupboard that I finally completed a week ago. No stain or dye on a frame (walnut drawer fronts and panels are stained), all the color is from amber shellac and sunlight. A far cry from your test boards (I wish I could do it like that!), but a big difference from original color, which looks dry and splotchy in the third picture (whiteish streaks are probably my camera).

Shellac should cover pores just fine according to literature, however I couldn't make it on red oak in other projects. It absorbed shellack like sand absorbs water, I just stopped thinking I'll run out of shellac. This time pores were filled so I had to sand and, of course, rounded over some areas. Maybe I need a better technique rather than "plug the sander and go to town"?

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