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David Weaver
.this is the kind that you'll notice no matter what. After planing through an innocent looking bark inclusion (not a big sandy deposit) in hard maple, this is what the V11 iron looked like:


more typical would be nicks about 1/5th the size of these, but they leave little lines in the work that you can see i raking light. You can see the lines even after applying finish, just like you can see tiny lines from a chattering card scraper (that you may not notice while you're scraping).

This is on the low side of typical - but I think it's tungsten carbides - this is blue steel:

There is a uniform dullness to the surface with this iron. One that once compared next to the others, you could see that the surface wasn't as good. Since I was only planing the edge, I don't know if they would rise to the level of showing up with a finish - I don't think they're big enough to, but they caused a loss of edge life - the blue steel iron should've been closer to A2, but it came up about 20% short of that).

you can test an iron to see if it's got small nicks by taking a very thin shaving. If there are small artifacts left or new smaller nicks, the shaving will split or fail to be continuous left to right on a continuous surface.

I do get a little worn out by people who suggest they never have a plane iron nicks in regular use, though. It seems to be constant.

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