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Plane blade metrics

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
When we set out to make plane blades from CPM 3V the objective was clear. Make a blade that lasted longer. It would seem that cost and edge life is by far the most important attribute for a plane blade, closely followed by what it takes to get sharp in the first place. At least these attributes are my view of what is important. What else is there?

You chose to evaluate success with this steel by how thin a shaving could be make. Seems this test is more a function of how well you can set the plane and how well you can sharpen and has little to do with whether this steel has resulted in an improved plane blade.

I get your chisel work. Making a chisel that looks like a classic chisel and performs satisfactorily is an understandable goal. All would agree you succeeded. It is not difficult to believe many would be pleased to own/use these chisels.

I don't understand the objective of making plane blades with a hack saw and file that are going wear no better or look any different than what could be made from O-1 and sent to the heat treater, or simply bought. All the factors that made the chisel quest a worthy challenge seem to be missing with plane blades.

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