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Sgian Dubh
Back in the 1970s in the first professional workshop I worked in there were two glue pots very similar to that. One of my Friday late afternoon jobs as a trainee was to empty any glue that had been heated, added to, and used during the week and completely clean out the pots. I also had to empty out the water from the outer boiler and make sure that was clean. Then I had to add fresh pearl glue and just cover it with clean water and put clean water in the outer pot all ready for heating up again first thing on Monday morning, or possibly Saturday if there was overtime expected of the makers.

Heating was achieved over an open flame gas ring. No idea if that would be an option for you, either using mains gas or a portable propane cylinder. I also suspect an exposed flame like that in the current working climate may not be acceptable, although it has to be said that there are plenty of workshops that use log burners for winter heating. Slainte.

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