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also- cost....it's cheap

David Weaver
26c3 is cheap in thinner stock. It wouldn't have to be, that doesn't really matter for a couple of blades, but stock enough in .1" thickness to make 6 bench plane irons is about $49 plus shipping and tax. I try not to order one of anything at a time, so this came with 1/4" stock (which isn't quite so cheap - that's closer to $150 for the same area) to share shipping cost, so figure slightly more than $10 in stock to make an iron.

And it cuts and files easily (it's delivered CRA - cold rolled annealed - in most stock sizes, which I would guess may be hot rolled to get the plate to shape and then cold rolling after? I don't get the point, but whatever - some of it is HRPA within the same listing - someone else would have to explain why the two different treatments - HRPA is hot rolling and it's pickled (presumably to clean up the surface and remove anything that shouldn't be there - rust, contaminants) and annealed.

The fact that it has nothing in it to prevent grain growth and it warps a lot, though, pretty much guarantees not seeing it in any commercial irons without the price making no sense. It's a nice novelty for a garage user, but the garage user has to follow the rules (you can't just make it thoughtlessly hot) and also needs to have parks 50 to make it worth using as an alternative to O1 - in veg oil, the two may be of same hardness at quench and after temper, and failure to harden would probably occur for some - that's uncommon for O1 unless it's not at critical temp.

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