Hand Tools

Re: The role of sand paper in hand tool work

Jack Dover
That's right, sanding isn't exactly new. However, afaik, when a high quality finish was required, a piece would be sent to a finishing room, and a finisher/polisher would take care of sanding or other surface preparations. If that's true, then sandpaper was really a finisher tool, not a cabinetmaker's. Rubbers and polissors probably also belonged to a finishing room rather to the shop floor.

Also paints. In the "The Pine Furniture of Early New England" there's a few paragraphs about paints being ubiquitous, that many surviving pieces were stripped at a much later date and that they carry enough evidence of being painted several times and different colors. I think that 300-450 grit produce a sufficient edge for painted jobs easily, no further preparation is required.

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