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Re: I'm not some lifelong expert...

Jack Dover

I can not make, store, handle, assemble these parts without scuffs and dings that need to be fixed before the finish goes on. Prior to finishing I am always steaming dents, filling holes, blending scuffs.

Yeah, ok, this isn't really about planing vs sanding. Some people are more careful than others, some might get really obsessive with it. I tent to rush in the heat of the moment, plus I'm quite sloppy naturally, so for me it's like a huge neon sign. Knowing this about myself I made a habit to swipe the bench every 30 s, free up space where a finished piece will be put, cover with plywood offcuts, using pieces of old carpet, tape critical areas and so on. A steam iron is still a true savior though. I'm pretty sure you can do it too.

A piece of sand paper is an essential part of my process.

Well, of course it is: you've chosen a recovery procedure that is based on abrading. If, for example, you'd decided to inlay over every ding you'd be wondering how people manage to do finish without a chisel and a router plane.

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