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I don't have any real issue with it..

David Weaver
..other than not liking it. When I finally get around to making an archtop guitar, I'll definitely do it. When I make telecaster style guitars with a routed roundover on the back, I sand them - if you don't, they don't take finish evenly around the roundover and they're a guitar that was designed in the era of pinrouters and powered sanders, so I can't see a good reason not to sand them.

But there's an interesting thing that often happens if you say you don't sand. The "sanding is OKKKKK!!" crowd turns into "you can't do it without sanding and doing it without is foolish!

I haven't finished a lot of end grain other than guitars, and was kind of surprised how easy the cherry sample was to do. It was easy enough that I'd do it that way to forgo sanding the endgrain (Which takes some time, quite a bit). If I had to do 50, I'd come up with a little routine, but on this one, it was more ior less hold the plane slightly askew and go right to left, straight through (beveling was first, of course).

The reason it was probably a surprise is that I have done this often on roughly 3 1/4" square beech, and it doesn't plane through nearly so easy and I"m also trying to not chip out anything on those (chipout would be a lot easier to tolerate on furniture).

Still, I fail at sanding well far more often.

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