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Re: I'm not some lifelong expert... *PIC*

David Weaver
some of that is OK. I don't know that A piece that I plane and scrape would look any worse than sanding (I would normally shortcut the sanding.

Attached is a picture of a test piece. Horrifyingly, my quart of artist pigment stain has dried and the liquid I got out of it after punching through doesn't have the same color density (or the color on the whole thing would be more vivid).

This is a piece of wood that was under my metal vise, so needless to say, I didn't overdo it with the planing, it's got some metal bits in it and there were some dents in the end that wouldn't be there if I had sawn this (it's more than a decade old - I can't remember why I bought it - it's just a 16/4 half sap half heart cherry turning blank). you can see the sap from teh side in case there's any question about the color on the top.

I get what you say about dents, but I don't think it's as hard to master this as you're imagining, but I think I'm probably pretty good at planing (and there's a fair amount of transition scraping on guitars, etc, so I can usually find a way to make a transition look good with a scraper).

I think some of your angle at this is that you learned to tackle all of these things with sanding, but if you had started tackling them all with planing and scraping, you'd probably not do as much sanding. I've sanded a bunch of things thinking it would make the final piece better, but they bear the marks of poor sanding, especially with a power sander. They would have evidence of planing on them somewhere if I planed them, but they would look less amatuerish.

This is the (weakened) micropigment stain and a very quick rub of shellac on top wtih linseed oil as a rubbing lubricant - if the end grain were to be thirsty, the oil would've soaked in and made it very dark. The initial coat of shellac prevented that.

Note, too - it would've taken me a lot longer to get the sanding uniform than it took to plane it uniformly. I did have to resharpen once do eliminate damage that predictably came from sitting on the floor below my metal vise. you can't ever scrape all of that off.

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