Hand Tools

I'm not some lifelong expert...

David Weaver
..in stuff like this, but I have finished the fronts of bench planes fairly often only using hand tools. However, on something like beech, I couldn't say that I've ever come up with a completely mark free surface.

I accept your never-made challenge (or maybe there is one there) to do the end of something today without sandpaper and get the color uniform to the sides with artist color stain.

I'm supposed to be working all day, though, so it'll have to wait until a little later when the mrs. takes the kids to a museum.

What I won't likely be able to do is plane and scrape a large square area like that without any tool marks at all, even if it's only the "wheat in the breeze" effect of some of the straws looking like they were pushed in different directions.

From my adventures with micronized pigments in artist colors a couple of years ago, this is a piece of wood with runout that was sanded:



This was stained..

but that may be a lie - I can't actually tell which was which at this point.

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