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It could also be chinese...

David Weaver
...a lot of the makers who make knives that "were" $75 or $80 have gone to making the same knives in china, and the mural pins are kind of a popular thing with the chinese makers (both in little planes and knives, etc).

The attempt is simple - try to sell them for the same price or $5 less than japanese versions, so that part of the market seems to be shifting.

I have two of the chinese knives in VG10. They are identical in use (there can be lower quality versions in both, but most of the pattern welded or layered clad knives are not of the really low end steelable knives).

when you're done, you'll likely have a knife that blows away the wusthofs and henckels (the virtue of those only being that they can be steeled in a busy kitchen where careless users might hammer the edges).

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