Hand Tools

That looks like a pretty nice..

David Weaver
..base to work from. Most of those machine made knives out of prelam material are *really* good.

As far as the handle material goes, other than what WD said about the mosaic pins (which you can find all over the place if you look for them without having to make your own), the G10 and micarta bits, to my knowledge, are generally profiled by a belt grinder or sander or a drum.

So, if you have an OSS, that'd be a good start, and if not, one of the really cheap HF -ish cordless drill drum sanding kits would do well along with coarse sanding blocks. I can imagine they'd resist rasps (though the shinto type might work well).

You can us coarse paper on a dowel or rubber backer, but probably also difficult. But you'll have a much nicer knife than I do when you're done! Mine gets very sharp, but I doubt I did it justice in heat treat in terms of maximizing toughness. It's hard enough, but probably not the equal of most japanese factory knives even given that it's belt ground almost to the point of losing its lamination layers.

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