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Re: You call that a trash knife? This is a trash k

William Duffield
The "rivets" are not. They are mosaic pins. Probably, you will need to replace them. They are made in an amazing variety of patterns. To get an idea, and to find a supplier, ask Google to search for "mosaic knife pin".

You are going to need to start over with the scales as well. They also are made in an amazing variety of materials and patterns, including micarta, G10 and exotic woods. One ebay supplier is Maker Material Supply.

You can do your own epoxy and favorite wood carving and polishing tools. Getting the pins aligned with the holes in the steel and making matching holes in the scales is a bit tricky. I would watch a couple of videos on basic knife and handle making by Walter Sorrells on YouTube. He explains the processes very well.

Start here" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qp5ta3nKwIE

You will need the precision of a drill press. I assume your blade has already been drilled for the pins, so you won't need to make any new holes in hardened tool steel. You should be able to get extract the pins using a bit of heat to soften the epoxy. You will just need to know the size of the existing holes (after you've removed the pins) to match the holes you will drill in the new scales.

Walter Sorrells has a video on drilling that is informative, but most of it is a bit beyond what you will need for this restoration.


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