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You call that a trash knife? This is a trash knife *PIC*
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Finishing Junk... *PIC* ()

Bruce Mack

David, my best friend recently visited from the east coast. He brought a Damascus blade chef knife that his adult son had received as a gifted kit, including Micarta scales, rivets, epoxy, a rasp, and a file. His son, also my friend, wanted me to see if it could be rehabilitated. I discovered that Micarta is tough stuff and resists a rasp but think with enough time I can reshape the scales using a Shinto saw rasp and/or a Nicholson. A lot of material had been removed, perhaps excessively on the top and bottom aspects of the grip. If it ends looking odd I may try to remove the Micarta and make or buy wood scales. This is well out of my experience, perhaps my ability also. I'm trying it because it is different and mostly because I was asked to.

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