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not quite as junky - parers... *PIC*
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Finishing Junk... *PIC* ()

David Weaver
functionally finished with the parers that I've made for george (very little cosmetic work and "sharpening of the tangs" and final bevel/edge to go). All tested, and no failures (plus two rejects for me to keep).

The feel of the steel still has the wonderful fine-grained aspect but great edge strength. I've tested every chisel to make sure it leaves no marks, but they just get the standard india stone on the back and bevel and then the buffer, which is a better edge than can be gotten off of oilstones - but you can get close with oilstones if tools are in a good hardness range (it just takes longer).

One of the things I faffed with early on was test handles (just drilling holes in blocks of wood), but realized that in all of the file purchases, I've got somewhere around 50 old metal ferrule file handles - far easier and bordering on chisel handle shape.

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