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David Weaver
...the handle is a bit too long - the knife blade itself is 6 1/4", so at 2 1/2 ozs total and almost a foot from end to end, it's definitely odd.

But I learned a whole bunch from this. I think CA may be a viable finish for woods not really suitable due to pores (i'm probably last to figure this out).

the only stone that touched this knife was to gray the remaining cladding, which showed that in some spots, especially near the tang and some in the middle, there's none left - that stone was a slurried cretan (I sold most of the natural japanese stones I bought, including all of the soft ones that would be used to finish a knife).

I learned that a round of apple and silicon carbide makes a great surface finisher for steps before this - WD40 and put the silicon carbide on the end and use it like you'd use a glue stick. It works GREAT.

It's hard to learn all of the little bits on a "good project" that you expect to turn out nicely.

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