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Re: baseball and dovetails

eliot feldman
Good of you to provide encouragement. I'm trying.

I sharpen my chisels by starting with a red DMT interrupted diamond stone, then the green one; and then a series of Shapton stones going up to 12,000. I finish using that green compound that Sellers uses on a leather strop. I would like to think that I know what I'm doing; but, to tell the truth, I'm not so sure. I also have an expensive Veritas MK.II power sharpening system, which for some reason, I don't use. Maybe I should. I even have set up a series of very fine diamond films on an unbelievably flat stone that I sometimes use with some very special , crazy lapping oil that I got somewhere long ago. But I forgot what grits the different colors of diamond film are!

I watch Rob Cosman and Paul sellers do very well with their three uninterrupted diamond stones and the strop. But with all the $$ I've already invested, I feel kind of stupid buying anything more.

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