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sharpening method

Jack Dover

if you’re using the Sellers sharpening method, you want to make it a point to keep the starting angle of the chisel at 30 degrees or less. It’s pretty easy to round the edge into a 40-45 degree final tangent at the edge.

This is, imo, the primary thing people get wrong about Paul's method. Maybe because he hasn't articulated it very clearly, or maybe because people don't generally read follow ups to the blog posts.

In any case, it can be seen on the video that mr. Sellers actually creates convexity by removing a heel, while most people that claim they follow his method are actually removing steel at the cutting edge. I guess, it's because it's way easier, it's just one will end up with 45˚ effective cutting angle in just a few sharpening sessions (and then, of course, would complain in YT comments "they're not talented enough").

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