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Re: baseball and dovetails

Wiley Horne
Great! You’re on the right track now. Dovetails are definitely ‘learn by doing’. Everything comes with practice.

BTW, if you’re using the Sellers sharpening method, you want to make it a point to keep the starting angle of the chisel at 30 degrees or less. It’s pretty easy to round the edge into a 40-45 degree final tangent at the edge. You can test the effective cutting angle by running the chisel along your bench bevel down—at what angle does it begin to bite? You want that angle to be less than 35 degrees.
If your angle is greater than that, go back to the most coarse stone, preferably 400g or coarser, and grind the bevel back until the chisel begins to bite at less than 35 degrees, then hone, being careful not to increase the final angle.

This issue is what leads many of us to hollow-grinding, which is a story for another thread.

Keep it up! This is working for you.


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