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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
"The Renwick Gallery, a branch museum of the Smithsonian American Art Museum, is dedicated to contemporary craft and decorative arts."

Not the place I would go to find examples of what is commonly thought of as American Period Furniture. Check out the SAPFM gallery for a better place to look.

I am not unfamiliar with dovetailing oak.

As such it is not a wood that I would suggest learning to make dovetails.

But if you must, dainty is not a winning strategy. To remind myself I chopped out a 1" tail in 13/16' oak. One dainty bash to establish a shoulder and 3 robust bashes on a 1/2" chisel on each side completed the task. So your chisel should be penetrating 13/16" divided by about 8 each bash. If not, hit it harder.

I am reminded of going on a mineral collecting trip with someone that had never collected minerals. He showed up with a dainty little hammer. I had a wrecking bar and 10 pound sledge. Joe, you gotta break rock to find pockets. The crystals might be dainty and fragile, but the rock they are in is not. Well made dovetails may be dainty but removing oak to find them isn't.

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