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Re: baseball and dovetails

eliot feldman
OK, step by step:

1) Correct; between the tails, where the pins will eventually be.

2) The length of the long line of the socket is about an inch. I have been using 3/4 and 1/2 inch chisels -- what Sellers uses in his video.

3) I thought the chisels were sharp (maybe not sharp enough.)

Today I switched to smaller chisels and resharpened them. Yes, they cut paper.
I also switched to a heaver mallet.

It's going better today.

Of course I should have thought of using smaller chisels. After all, when Derek suggested using a fret saw, that's just using thousands of really tiny chisels -- if you think of it in a new way. It makes me wonder if a mechanical scroll saw would be a good way to go. Heaven forbid!

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