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Thanks again for your help. And I have been thinking about using a fret saw to move along faster. But what I was trying to get at is just what this is really all about. Sellers does it easily in oak with only the dovetail saw and the chisel. And I really do believe that I understand the process correctly. I know how to sharpen my chisels, and I did exactly what he did. But it just didn’t go too well. No errors so far; just very slow going. Bill Tindel suggests that I use some other wood. Yes, of course a softer wood should be easier. But that’s not my point. I’ll watch your video and use my fret saw to get on with it. I know people are going to say that don’t have enough experience. But it’s not rocket science(which by the way I do understand) , so I don’t see why what I did didn’t work well.

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