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Re: Moxon with spacer bar and clamps

eliot feldman
This photo is my newly-made Moxon vise, this time showing the even newer spacer bar set up. It's supposed to look something like Derek's-- and I think it does -- except his uses a hinge to get it out of the way; whereas mine lifts on and off and is held down with a couple of removable metal pins that fit into the back of the vise.

The board on top is some random piece of no importance. But it is sitting on an oak board that will be the base of a shooting board that I have nearly finished. I did make the main part of the shooting board by hand; and instead of just attaching a cleat with glue and some screws to its end, I thought I would try to show of a bit by dovetailing a walnut cleat onto it. So what you see are two of five tails that I plan to cut into it. Wish me luck; I haven't done it before!

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