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David Weaver
..but I think there may be an assumption that some chisels won't be in good enough shape to scrape the sides of the drilled holes.

I'm not necessarily interested in the reamer for freshly made chisels at this point (the last thing done in the process of making chisels after testing that they're good and won't need rehardening is to belt grind or file the tang into a sharp crisp shape, so they're fantastic at cleaning out what's left behind in a stepped hole).

But rather for making reamers in the future instead of buying more (for use with brass, steel, guitar peg holes).

The pair of reamers that I have are on amazon for $18, so it's certainly not a real money saving venture. I noted that after I clarified that they don't last in annealed O1 flat stock, the listing says they're "high carbon hardened and tempered" with a very unclear "lifetime warranty" (not sure how you'd claim it - I think they know nobody would try).

Despite being soft, they're great for everything but steel and kind of a steal for what they cost, but better to have around on the odd chance you'll need them for something else than necessarily fitting crisp sharp tangs.

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