Hand Tools

Cost and effort.

Jack Dover
I think I managed to figure something even lower than that. I just clamp wide pieces to the front apron of a workbench with holdfasts. Probably won't work for you, since your bench has a lip, but it works like David said: two whacks with a dead blow mallet and it's dead tight and straight.

I also have panel glueup cauls - just a 2x ripped in halves, ~30" long and two 5/16" bolts and wing nuts. Occasionally I clamp a part in it, mostly as a depth stop preventing a piece from falling down when its longer than 10" (otherwise there are two dogs in the apron to support it). There's plenty of leverage in 30", so finger tight wing nuts are totally adequate. I do it very rarely though, since my preferred way of dovetailing large pieces is to lay 'em flat on a workbench and drawer parts are usually handled by Yost 7"(?) vises.

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