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they do clog easily...
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David Weaver
..I'm guessing they were always just a copy of a tuning peg reamer profile (not sure, but guessing) and they're cut and either unhardened or given very low hardness so that they don't warp or need tempering.

They do OK in brass for a while. The do fine in wood for longer, but far better tapering tuning peg holes where the removal is only a little bit as they pack quickly just as you suspect.

The ends of some of them are small enough to fit in a 1/2" drill, so when they get dull, you can put them in a drill and really finish off whatever bite they have (but one of them is enough to get functional taper on several infill planes with steel sides before it's completely trashed - only the first few holes are really clean, but as the reamer gets beat to death and makes what would be an ugly taper, you're peining it shut, anyway - nobody sees it).

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