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I don't think threading is so very difficult...
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Certainly correct, Bill ()

John in NM
We're quite spoiled these days by the very regular results that come from modern manufactured tools for the job.

As I recall, it is easy enough to thread the male side by hand and then use a couple of pins offset by the length of pitch to rig up a jig with a cutter for threading a bore to match. For the purposes in a woodshop, this is all large enough scale and tolerant of loose fit that shopmade jigs could do the job. As Bill points out, whether it would be worth the shop time spent is a whole other question. I expect it was worth figuring out for a vise but not worth the trouble for much else.

Personally, I wouldn't put too much stock in period illustrations. They are going to show you the gist of what the engraver saw, and probably quite a bit of embellishment to make the engraving look good. But the guy doing the illustration had only a very superficial knowledge of what he was illustrating. That alone could account for illustrations showing only the simple and obvious sawing tasks - the engraver had never wrapped his head around a dovetail.

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