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Dominy reamer *PIC* ()

David Weaver
...was a good one. It's in the ballpark and can be ground so that the corners would be sharp, but used with care, of course.

Of all of the things I've put in the vise and hammered to break (to get a look at grain structure), files break the easiest. I wonder if only the teeth are tempered on them, as they break off about as easily as completely untempered water hardening steel, but if I fully reharden and retemper them to english chisels hardness, they can be put in a vise and bent before they'll break (and in that case, they'd make a very good quality reamer).

The tapered metal reamers (that are also sold elsewhere as peg reamers) work, but they pack with wood quickly, and a file would probably be better.

I agree that the four sided type would probably also be better- three would have more chance of creating steps/ripples and settling into them.

I like a crisp new tang best of all of the options, though, but maybe not everyone feels they have license to be somewhat rough with a tang on a chisel that isn't easily replaced. I've not had a large enough sample of older chisels (that are sans handle) to know how good of shape the edges are in typically, and whether or not their edges can just be filed to sharp easily without wasting off much.

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