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Re: P.S.: Furniture vs. joinery

David Weaver
I'd defer to people who know and who read (you could finish sand to a pretty good sheen with the difference between my SAT verbal and math, so sitting and reading about historical stuff is generally last on my list).

I wouldn't be surprised if in urban parts of England, the two were well defined, but at the same time, also wouldn't be surprised if in rural areas, someone may have made several things as they did in my area before I was born (grandfather's friend who was the last full time cabinetmaker I know of - making reasonably nice stuff - made at least clocks and furniture and cabinets.)

When it was time to make simple cove mouldings for the kitchen, I wished for a 16 foot bench though - I remember that much.

Not that sure about the joiner trade, either - like what's a jointer in the UK now - someone who does cabinets, sometimes installs them, does trim, sometimes sash work. What's the difference between a joiner and a housewright? I picture a housewright being some guy (they in 2020s terms) bossing around a few assistants and swinging a commander.

Double screws on a bench in place of both of the leg vise and "moxon" sounds like a reasonable compromise (is the double screw over a leg to affix something if resawing?).

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