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David Weaver
..there are peg reamers (that are copy of well made western reamers) that are about the right contour for a lot of tangs, but the reality is, the tang is better at the job if it has sharp corners. If it's filthy, it can be filed to get crisp corners.

I use two step holes now (the small hole is freehand with the handle spinning in the hand to see visually that the hole is progressing straight with small adjustments as it progresses....

...as in, it's allowed to move a little bit every second or half second to keep an eye on the hole being drilled straight (which is important if it's turned).

One larger hole less large than the fattest end of the tang above the bolster and then put the chisel in a vise and use the tang to ream.

If the tang is misshapen or straight, might as well drill it slightly loose and glue it in straight. If the handle ever breaks, you can split it off and sand or grind off the glue.

I've split two handles fitting them - one with a ferrule (gombeira - it doesn't have much give at all) and the other not (and louro preto - trying to bend the tang a little bit as it was being fitted to get things straight and the handle split). I think at this point, I'd rather make them slightly too loose than too tight, and I'd rather have to grind a handle off later than have to redo one now, anyway.

( I have one of the tapered peg reamers - it holds so little swarf that it's not really useful to even use it - and I don't - I really have it to taper the holes on infill planes when peining cross pieces and I have actually used it on a couple of pegs)

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