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David Weaver
..sometimes, what handles octagonal bolster chisels were actually designed for. I'd venture to guess that mid 1800s or so, those chisels had smaller bolsters and were intended to be used with a handle with ferrule (somehow, I ended up in possession of a whole bunch of chisels that I didn't make - and the bolster sizes are all over the board).

Comparing them to the 18th century drawings in the seaton book, the bolsters on almost everything that i have are far smaller.

Even when they're smaller, if you want a handle that still isn't too thin on the bolster end, you can round/taper the last bit of the handle (if that makes sense - it allows the profile warren mentions - less radical taper, which in turn results in more wood surrounding the tang).

that results in a handle that's more similar to what shows up in the seaton book.

Making a bigger bolster is a challenge, because it needs to be formed or forge welded, and when you hammer on something hot enough to forge weld, it bends easier.

I'll yield to anyone who knows when chisels went from all wood handles to handles with a ferrule, but would guess that it was early/mid 1800s.

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