Hand Tools

Re: What lies behind drawer #1?

> I am in a stage of rationalising my tools, with a view to downsizing the workshop when I retire in a few years time. Many of the tools I shall keep have a story.

Hey Derek, thanks for sharing these stories.
I guess my question came from the feeling that an under bench drawer cabinet was better suited for cold storage than regular operations. It makes more sense to me in a downsizing context.

> I do not collect tools. I appreciate that some treat a tool as a means to build something, and are not fussed about how they look. I like using tools with beauty. They inspire me to reach for their level.

The objects we make are mirrors of our own perfection, or something along these lines?

I don’t collect either. I feel like anything owned is a burden only relieved with use. I am not a minimalist either, I just try to remove as much as I add, keeping what feels good.

I find the Studley tool cabinet fascinating because of its great design, craftsmanship and exquisite selection of fine tools it contains. I appreciate the looks and ergonomics of such a wall cabinet over drawers and chests but I have not yet been able to imagine an alternative to Studley’s gothic style where my more modern tools won’t feel foreign.

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