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Re: What lies behind drawer #1?

Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
Are they more like collectibles or daily users for you? Do you plan on using the stored items frequently?

Hi Jerome

Thanks for the kind words. All my tools are used as much as possible. I have never been one to view something as too precious to use. I just enjoy using them.

I am in a stage of rationalising my tools, with a view to downsizing the workshop when I retire in a few years time. Many of the tools I shall keep have a story. For example, the large Colen Clenton mitre square was a trade with Colen for a knife set. He fell in love with a set I made for Terry Gordon (HNT Gordon planes), and we came to a deal. Another square was a prize received in a toolmaking competition several years back.

I do not collect tools. I appreciate that some treat a tool as a means to build something, and are not fussed about how they look. I like using tools with beauty. They inspire me to reach for their level.

Regards from Perth


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