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Veritas plane blade slots ()

Bruce McCrory
Veritas has many good replacement options for Stanley, but be careful with block plane blades. I was not aware of parts for LN planes.

I have Hock blades and Stanley planes with Hock replacements which 'feel' better than the original. Never felt rich enough to get a vII for a Stanley. Tend to favor Hock O1 replacements, but will lump blades in LV orders.

Something to consider--and soured me to Veritas planes--are the menagerie of special blades required for their tools. I have a collection of blades worth much more than the plane, and they don't work on any other Veritas.

You can always go to the dark side and pick up Millers Falls, or other brands that Stanley wiped off the catalog list. My favorite block plane is an MF-57. The first was $10 (years ago) and a really nice one for $35, incl. shipping last year. They are great for someone with a longer palm/grip.

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