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Steve D, CT
as they get burnished with wear, it seems to just increase.

Imagine how much friction 100 years of burnishing can create. Couldn't resist.

That is one of the many uses of paste wax.

If I saw a deal I would consider it. My last buy was a plane in need of hours of flattening that may not yield a flat sole. The tote was replaced with beechwood but I knew that going in. It was a 5-1/2 so I can't use an iron out of my inventory. Waa!

I'm not in a place where spending 4 or 8 or 12 hours on a 100 year old plane to have a worn shiny tool makes sense. Knowing that a lot of people love that will help me clean off my shelves. The fact that I thought I had a smooth bottom #4 is proof that I have too many planes.

Last I checked broken and frankensteined 604's were 150-200 on ebay. That's beyond reason.

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