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new vs. used?

David Weaver
I looked a couple of months ago and stanley planes (#4s) were going for about $80. I ended up getting one for a little less, and don't know what the landscape looks like now, but there's a later model 4 on ebay for $52 (Without a very good description or pictures other than that it's undamaged other than a horn).

I also don't know what the availability of new planes might be, but sold a used LN 4 bronze on ebay a couple of months ago on a penny auction. It ended up getting bid to $550, despite having visible wear.

Still all comes down to preference. I'd rather have a later model stanley plane for day to day work (with the large adjuster and lighter weight than the LNs) than an LN or LV plane, but they do always seem to benefit from flattening and having the cap iron rounded over fresh and then deburred and buffed. Maybe it's not so much the weight as it is that the premium planes generally have a freshly ground uniform surface that really creates a lot of friction, and as they get burnished with wear, it seems to just increase.

When I did look for a stanley and paid closer to $ 75, i noticed there were plenty of sales at lower prices, but they probably just didn't stay listed for long.

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