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Jerry Nicholson
Yeah - it turned out to be a temporary job - only a little over 36 years! They offered me an early out and I took it!

One program I was on used a "tall tail" B-52 but I don't recall if it was a "D", "E", or "F". We ripped out all the bomb/nav equipment and installed a pair of programmable analog computers (this was the 60s or very early 70s). The flight station left seat was changed to full "fly-by-wire" while the right seat kept the normal controls. Electrically driven hydraulic actuators on all moveable surfaces (except flaps) allowed us to program the computers to provide any kind of flight control systems. No low level on this airplane but lots of roller coasters. The test engineers were not pilots and had a lot of trouble keeping their lunch in its proper place. This program was called LAMS, Load Alleviation and Mode Stabilization.

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