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Wiley Horne
Hi Steve,

I had a similar idea, and bought a Veritas 2-3/8” PMV-11 iron made for Veritas #4.5 and 6 planes. That iron is 0.1275” thick. I wanted to fit it to an LN-5.5 (from first run of 5.5’s that LN made). The slot on the Veritas-for-Veritas iron mics at 0.44”. It was slightly too narrow for the LN5.5, and let me tell you, you could spend untold time with even the hardest file trying to worry that slot wider. I never got it to fit satisfactorily, and do not use the Veritas iron. [Note: Veritas would have accepted the iron back, no questions asked, but after munging it up, I didn’t want to return it.]

The slots on the PMV-11 irons made to replace Stanley blades mic at 0.46”. Thickness is 0.10”. They fit Stanley fine, and their slots will also fit LN—but you will need to use the LN chipbreaker else you run into other incompatibilities. For example, I can use the Veritas PMV-11, 2”, Stanley-replacement for 4 & 5 on my LN4, provided I use the LN chipbreaker. [As it is, I use David’s limited-run Carpenter XHP on this plane, but the Veritas does fine.]

If you are thinking of the blades for the Veritas custom planes, I believe they are entirely too short for Stanley or LN.

SUMMARY [based on extremely small sample size]

1. Veritas PMV-11, 2-3/8”, 0.1275”, iron for Veritas 4.5 and 6 has 0.44” slot. Too narrow slot for LN5.5.

2. Veritas PMV-11 for Stanley, 0.10” thick, has 0.46” slot, and will work with LN, provided LN chipbreaker is used.

3. Veritas custom plane blades too short (I think) for Stanley or LN.

CAVEAT: In some of the above data, my sample size is N=1, so be advised. Hopefully someone else can add to the data, and either agree or disagree with my account.


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